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What are You Eating? Four Kinds of Spiritual Food

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One of the keys to spiritual growth is our intake of truth. Our growth as followers of Jesus Christ is directly connected to the amount of truth we take into our soul. Like plants must take in water and light for the process of photosynthesis to work, so the Christian must take in the truth of God's Word for the process of spiritual growth to occur. The Bible uses the anal...

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We want to welcome you to the new online home of Union. The goal of our website is two-fold. First, we hope that it serves as an introduction to our church, its vision and ministries. If you're curious about us, we want you to be able to walk through our website and see what's going on before you ever actually walk through our door. As you look at the various pages you wil...

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Is God's Punishment of Sinners Just?

The idea that God is just and that he will punish sin, is a concept that is difficult for many people to fathom, even some professing Christians. Part of that is due to the fact that Western culture has moved from a Biblical sense of justice to a more sentimental view. It is not wrong to be compassionate and forgiving. Those are good virtues, but it is important to remembe...

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Four Questions to Ask Before Confrontation

As Christians one of the most difficult things we can do is handle conflict in a Christ-like way. The temptation can be to lash out when someone wrongs us. We know this isn't right since God so often warns us of the foolishness of exploding in anger and the wisdom of restraining our anger. Proverbs 29.11 "A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly hold...

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Children A Blessing From God

Back to school pic 2016

This morning, on my morning jog, I listened to Al Mohler's podcast, The Briefing. He always has insightful news about what is going on in culture, and one of the things he mentioned was an article in the Toronto National Post titled "Children? Those shrieking, dribbling, bawling horrors? Not for me, thank you': Why fatherhood is not for everyone and shouldn't have to be...

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