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"Shepherd the flock of God that is among you..."


Andrew Hunt


Andrew and his wife Bonnie came to Union in August 2012. They are orginally from the Northern Kentucky area. They have eight beautiful children and are foster parents to many more. Andrew attended Boyce College and Southern Seminary in Louisville, and has a passion for making disciples through the proclomation of God's Word.

Jarrod Gaynor

Jarrod and Lyndsay, along with their three children, are a great blessing to our church family. God raised them up from within our own community in Hancock County, and they came to Union in December 2013. Jarrod serves in a bivocational role (Commonwealth) and sacrificially gives his time and energy to labor in teaching and counseling God's people.

Jeffery Roberts


Jeffery and Bethany are also local to the area. Jeffery was raised in this church and has a strong history of family who have faithfully served the Lord. Jeffery returned to Union to help with administration in January of 2018. After getting married, Jeffery and Bethany joined Union officially in May. Jeffery too, serves bivocationally (The Baptist Association). Jeffery was ordained in September of 2021 and welcomed Mercy Ma'lin to the world just a few weeks later.

Donnie Sanders


Donnie and Janice raised three children in Breckinridge County and faithfully served at Corinth Baptist in McQuady for over two decades as a faithful deacon. They joined Union in January 2020 and Donnie was ordained to pastoral ministry in September of 2021. Donnie also serves in a bivocational role (Southwire) and enjoys spending his free time with his kids and grandkids.